Rhinocat Productions was founded in 1997 by Dominick Sabatino to fill a niche of providing high quality technical drawings to the aero/mechanical and structural steel industries and providing shop support in fabrication.

Graduated Brooklyn Technical High School and Polytechnic Institute of NYU, with a BS in Aerospace Engineering.

After school was employed by Vought Aircraft in Dallas Texas.  Started work in the Structures and Systems Test Lab designing test fixtures, conducting tests and writing reports on various aircraft and missle components.

Was an off-site team member of CL601-CF34 Thrust Reverser Ground Qualification Test Program (Peebles, OH).

Off-site Team leader in advanced ground transportation systems (Hydroblast Northern Site Evaluation Program - Boston, MA).

Then transferred to Field Engineering(liaison) working at the Vought flight line (Naval Air Station Dallas) and was an engineering member of MRB on B-2, A-7, F-8, and S-3A programs.  Provided Engineering assistance to manufacturing to resolve structural  and systems problems.
 Interpreted engineering drawings, specifications, and initiated design changes

A-7Provided Engineering assistance to manufacturing to resolve structural  and systems problems encountered during the TA-7C re-engine and A-7P/TA-7P re-manufacture programs.

Developed structural and systems repairs for four A-7D crash damaged airplanes. A-7D

Was leader of the Vought offsite (Palmdale, California) B-2 Engineering Team. Coordinated personnel from all engineering functions to support Northrop during B-2 final assembly.